Hire the best Virtual
Medical Assistants for
your Practice

Starting at $10 per hour

Qualified and Certified VMAs
for your practice

All our VMAs are HIPAA certified and carry out tasks in complete compliance with the HIPAA standard making sure that your practice stays in compliance with HIPAA preventing any serious concerns later on

VMAs at Alpha Global are qualified nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists and other diploma/degree holders within the healthcare industry making it easier for them to grasp your tasks instantly

Our VMAS make sure that time is not wasted and tasks are done as quickly as possible

“We got to know about Alpha Global through a reference and my o my, it has been such a relief. The VMA working with us is better if not equal to any resource that could work at an onsite position plus we don’t have the liability of a locally housed staff member”
Dr. Kathryn
CEO Doctor's Hub

How it work?

Free Consultation

Let’s start with a quick one-to-one call, either on phone or over Zoom to discuss your needs in detail.

Resource Allocation

Our experts evaluate your requirements and put forward the best suited resource for your tasks. We set a time to start and exchange credentials

All done, your VMA is present!

On the locked date and time your VMA will start working with a little training on your needs

Let’s get started

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    • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Practice Management
    • Electronic Health Records
    • Patient Experience Management
    • Telehealth
    • Professional Services
    • Workforce Extension
    • Healthcare Analytics



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